IH Cub Cadet, Model 109 - Hydro
S.N. 2050044U440107*
10 HP. Kohler, K241A
I purchasedin June of '84. Used mostly for grass cutting. No longer original but close!Mostly all that I've changed is adding of some lights and the 3 pt. hitchsystem. I've also modified the mower deck for better floating capabilities.You can see in the photo of the mower deck the addition of rollers. Thedeck is not riding on the these rollers but is suspended from the frame.They are just there to push the deck up if required by terrain conditions.You may be thinking they must have a huge garden, NO! Just like tinkeringwith the different possible implements. And I don't have a sno-blower forthe tractor either. Wouldn't be efficient in our driveway. You can alsosee in the pictures my home-made concrete wheel weights. You will alsonotice in a lot of the pictures on the implement pages that I also havea 2nd. set of wheels with Ag cleat-ed rubber.
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