Like the awards shows on TV, I must give thanks to a few people!

To: Jim Krueger, for getting me started with my first PC & understanding all my basic questions. This is still ongoing, but now a little more advanced & not as frequent!

To: Joe Januzzi, for about the same, plus the phone calls (Long Distance) when I deleted something that was really important, "it won't even go to windows", "the mouse died in DOS", or "my root directory of C: is full of that program I tried to load"!

To: Tim Pankow, Tom Gigl, & Bob Werner for helping me to understand PLC's. I have a long way to go but 'am making progress, I think!

And all the other people that inspired me by saying, "that's too advanced for you"!

To: My wife Elaine, words cannot express!!!

If you are interested in learning more about PLC's check out these links.


Here is a link to a what I posted on a Garden Tractor Forum, "off subject". It is about a test that I ran on our gas water heater using my A.B. PLC and a Thermocouple input. Was a neat little program when it was all done!

1 from test done in house in Fredonia.

  2nd. post as new data from house in Jackson with newer model Water Heater.   

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