Lansoc comes from a shortened form of Lallensack that I was going to use for a personalized license plate until I found out how much extra they would cost. At the time you could only use 6 letters or numbers, so you have to slurp over the "N", and it almost sounds like the real name! I decided I was to cheap for such a trivial item! So when I first went on-line many years ago I thought it would make a neat screen name, have been using it ever since. When I started out I never thought I would get this far and be able to publish my own web page!
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A more formal moment! My wife likes this pic, her choice!

I have been employed at GFG now for over 34 yrs. (Feb 20, '84).

The following excerpt appeared in the company newsletter for the 1st. quarter of 2004!
It came from the corner office, the "PRES" of our division!
From newsletter

This picture is from the inside of a Peabody Div. Electostatic Oiler.

It is on the Co. web site. It was taken in '95. You can see it here:  GFG - Peabody Electrostatic Oilers



The photo above was taken in 1986, it appeared in the Business Section of the Milwaukee Sentinel. Of the 4 people in the photo, I'm the only one left working at GFG! These were 2nd. set of machines we ever sent to China. Now a days we ship machinery there often.


Some old facts. I'm a 1972 Graduate of Ozaukee H.S. I spent my first 11-1/2 years working at Jadair, Inc. in Port Washington.
Crane and ready for loading My last official act while working at Jadair, Inc. was the loading of this machine for shipment. My duties there included the operating of the Bycrus Erie 30-B crawler crane. This was a small "pick" compared to some that I had done while employed there.

Back in the beginning I started as a Welder. Don't do a lot of welding these days. Most of my time is spent working with Elec. sparks (which doesn't happen too often) than with arc's and spark's. Every once in awhile I burn a few rods, or light the old fire axe (torch)!

Our local government, Town of Fredonia. And real close to home, Stoney Hill School, the birthplace of Flay Day! The National Flag Day Foundation and it's home in Waubeka, The Americanism Center Museum!

It use to be our locality, but not any more. We moved to Jackson, in Washington County in 2008!

"T" Coater with CHCS option, it went to a company in Austria.
That picture was taken in like '88 or '89! Can't even remember.

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